Fall is right around the corner. Are you prepared?
Even in Texas, there are things you need to do as we move into the cooler months. Below are 7 steps that will save you time and money.


1. Clean the gutters

Gutters should be thoroughly cleaned at least annually to stay functioning properly and to avoid any future problems.  Make sure that any water runoff is draining properly.
While you’re up there, inspect the roof for any damage or shingles that need to be replaced.


2. Start composting

Use the fallen debris from fall to help your garden next spring and summer. Doing the prep work now will make it easier to maintain throughout the year.


3. Pressure wash the sidewalk and walkway

Clean our any summer damage and make sure your surfaces are clean heading into the cooler months. Also, be on the look out for any concrete repairs that need to be made.


4. Routine Maintenance

Whether it’s for your home or rental property you own or manage, this is the perfect time to make sure that all routine maintenance has been performed. Inspecting your property when the weather starts cooling down will allow you to notice anywhere cold air may be entering where it shouldn’t.  Inspect all doors, windows, and outlets. If you do catch anything that needs fixing it will be easier to fix in the fall, and your tenants will be happier for it as well.


5. Winterize your HVAC unit

You rely on your HVAC to keep your home or properties cool int he summer, and I’m sure it’s been working overtime this year!
Make sure that all systems are a go and you keep your HVAC running as long as possible. Here are some helpful tips on winterizing your HVAC unit.


6. Tree maintenance

A good wind storm can cause thousands of dollars of damage. While you cannot predict the weather, you can be proactive and make sure that all of the trees surrounding your property are healthy and trimmed.  Remove any branches that may become problematic and look for any sick trees that may come down and cause any damage.


7. Add more light

Winter months are darker, so try to bring more light inside. Clean your windows and blinds. Add more lamps in darker rooms. Swap our light bulbs with more energy efficient and brighter LED bulbs.
prepare your home for fall

Need help preparing your home or property for the fall and winter?
Give us a call. Chances are, we can do that!