Does your building need porter services? Day porters and night porters will keep your business running smoothly by making sure that all areas are clean and presentable at all times. A porter for your facility can also help make sure that all areas remain safe in case any unexpected incidents arise, like wet and slippery floors and broken glass.

Commercial buildings require continued maintenance and cleaning.  They have a lot of foot traffic and need constant attention. Commercial property maintenance, porter services, and minor repairs are crucial to maintaining the value of your commercial property.  Without these services, dirt and dust begin to accumulate, cobwebs become noticeable, bathrooms become very dirty, windows become filthy and paint starts to become dirty and peeling, to name a few.  We provide commercial property maintenance and cleaning services for many types of building including but not limited to class A, B & C office buildings,  industrial offices, shopping malls, restaurants, any type of store, warehouses, hotels, parking lots, parking garages and other public buildings.  Keep the cleaning off of your payroll and let Austin Task Force save you money.      

Why Austin Task Force?

The Austin Task Force team will work with your team to create a customized maintenance checklist for your building or buildings so when we arrive on our scheduled day, we know exactly what your expectations are and that we meet them.   

The single most important part of the process is ensuring you’re happy with our porter services.  We go over the entire process with a weekly or monthly email, inform you of anything special or notable and make sure you are aware of anything out of the ordinary.  This is a great time to bring up any concerns you may have so that we are able to address them as quickly as possible.  Your satisfaction with our work is the single most important part of our business.   

Scope of Service

Keep in mind we will do anything else on your list at the frequency your property requires:   

• Cleaning of all kinds
• Picking up and removing trash and debris
• Leaf cleanup and removal
• Cigarette and ash tray cleanup and removal
• Restroom Cleaning, maintaining functionality of sinks, toilets and dispensers, toilet paper replacement and paper towel replacement
• Dusting and cobweb removal
• Window washing
• Empty, wipe down and relining of trash bins
• Painting walls and trim

Need something else?
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